Individual Counseling

My desire is to empower clients to discover and utilize their strengths and resources to evoke long lasting change and receive the best out of life. As your therapist, I plan on using my training and education to partner with you to identify current negative, inaccurate and unhelpful thoughts that are impacting your mood and behavior. In addition, I plan to assist you with discovering the connection between thoughts and emotions and move toward more fair and balanced thought patterns that will foster healthier emotions and behaviors.

Couples Counseling

There is a basic human need for intimacy, connection and belonging from our primary attachment figures such as parents, friends, coworkers etc. Spouses are seen as part of this attachment system. Feelings of anxiety, anger, resentment or insecurity can be present when the attachment with our spouses are unhealthy or broken. My intention is to help couples address barriers that create these feelings by recognizing pitfalls and creating healthier and more productive communication and problem-solving skills while also increasing positive interactions and connections within the relationship.

Grief Counseling

Grief is cyclical and not a linear process. It’s normal to have various and conflicting emotions after experiencing a major loss. Grief also tends to impact multiple areas of life as you establish a new normal. My goal with grief counseling is to give you space to feel, think and express all the feelings related to grief and loss and normalize your experiences rather than rush or minimize your grief.

Trauma-Focused Counseling

Traumatic events have a way of impacting our relationship with ourselves, others and our outlook on life. Counseling is beneficial for assisting you with understanding your wounds and improving taking ownership over your life, strengthening problem-solving skills, and increasing relationship satisfaction.